Pouring the Concrete Footings

This was a big day. So much time and energy had been investing up to this point making sure the shuttering was strong enough to withstand the incredible weight and pressure of the concrete. Would it hold?

IMG_3411Concrete is pumped through the large pipe into the shuttering. Foreground: Peter’s son Robin carries the ‘poker’ which is inserted into the freshly poured concrete. By vibrating rapidly the ‘poker’ removes any unwanted air pockets and helps the concrete to settle properly.

IMG_3422Robin working the ‘poker’ in tandem with the pipe pumping the concrete.

IMG_3427Here Daan, one of the farmers, helps direct the flow of concrete. The pipe had to be moved along regularly. Since it was very heavy and also ‘kicked’ the moving was not a one man job! We found it also helped to tie it in place as above.


IMG_3441Wrestling the concrete anaconda.


IMG_3430Now you see me now….

IMG_3424Jacob Lueke and a classmate help spread the concrete evenly.



IMG_3474A bespattered Robin helps the final section of concrete settle with the ‘poker’

Up next: The footings are revealed and we begin work Preparing the Sole Plate

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