Walls Finished

The first two bales went in on Friday afternoon and now, just over a week later, all the walls are up and we finally have ourselves the beginnings of a house! We were incredibly fortunate to have the weather change for the better just as we were ready to start baling. Getting a week long stretch of dry weather with *gasp* a few solid days of sunshine is pretty remarkable for the last week of October.

As the baling procedure has already been covered in detail (see ‘First Bales In’ and ‘Raising the East Wall’) we will keep this blog post brief. So sit back and enjoy watching the construction of the entire western half of the house compressed down to 1 minute and 45 seconds of crazy, caffeinated ant-people scurrying around accompanied by a light, gypsy jazz swing.

Moving bales into position and stuffing any gaps with loose straw.

Stay tuned for more action soon as we prepare to lift the wall plate onto the completed walls and set to work on the gable ends.

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