Making the Flitch Beams

Over the larger spans in the roof the engineer specified using flitch beams. Instead of having one large piece of wood a flitch beam is made up of two smaller pieces of wood bolted together with a flat steel plate in between. We therefore had to make some, not only for part of the ridge beam but also over the windows and front door on the north wall.

IMG_20171107_101908The steel is carried up to the workshop to make the flitch beams under the guiding hand of Bruno.

IMG_20171107_103100The timber comes too.

The steel is cut to the right lengths by Nino.

IMG_20171108_123154Bruno and Steven carrying in some steel.

IMG_20171107_122711Holes are being drilled to enable the steel and two pieces of wood to be bolted together. Terry is providing the oil. The drill has a magnet which when switched on holds it in position.


IMG_20171107_123106Holes also need to be drilled in the wood, here being done by Nino.

IMG_20171109_101831Steven also having a go!

IMG_20171108_155747The finished, very heavy Flitch beam being moved out the way. Bruno sitting on the job again!

IMG_20171109_145447The finished beams


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