Making the post caps and bases

Again the engineer gave specific specifications for the steel design and thickness for the metal connectors needed at the top of all the wooden posts connecting them to the beams they are supporting, as well as some of the bases. We could have had a company make them up for us but we are fortunate to have Robin Brown on the farm who has trained as a blacksmith and is able to do the necessary welding for us. We are grateful that the farm allowed him to take the time to do this for us. Doris is the chief painter of the finished articles using red oxide paint which will stop them from rusting in the future.

IMG_20171110_113159Robin preparing the steel for welding

IMG_20171110_120631Robin welding a post cap

IMG_20171110_144557This is 10mm steel – it won’t be falling over!

IMG_20171110_151105Doris has done her work and disappeared!

IMG_20171110_113244The finished work being inspected.


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