Strapping her down!

The next job is to secure the Wall Plate and to compress the straw bales as much as possible. As the future roof will will have large overhangs and be fixed to the wall plate it is important to ensure it cannot all blow off in even the strongest of winds.

We therefore put heavy duty ratchet straps over the wall plate secured to the 16mm threaded stainless steel rods, which we had put into the concrete foundations for this purpose.

We found that the large straw bales we are using hardly compacted at all compared to what can be expected from using small bales.

IMG_20171106_150237The lorry ratchet strap attached to a wire loop, which goes around a threaded rod through the concrete foundations below.

IMG_20171106_145424Bruno tightening a strap with the ratchet.

Some of the straps in place.

IMG_20171106_144617Xavier ensuring they are in the right place.



img_20171106_144327.jpgIs the wall plate level? And at the same height all around the building?


This little machine, given to the project by Peter’s brother, not only gives a vertical laser line  but a horizontal line 360 degrees around. We can therefore check the level  right round the building.

IMG_20171106_164652 Happily it was all good!


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