Roof – starting with the firewood store

At the west end of the house, where most of the rain will come from, the house design includes the roof extending over a firewood store. The reason for having it there is to ensure that the west gable end of the house is properly protected from rain, which predominantly comes from that direction.

We therefore started the roof at that end of the house but it means first putting up three posts to support it. Two of the posts carry a flitch beam the other end of which sits on the roof plate on the straw bales. The middle post carries a flitch beam which is the first part of the ridge beam, which will go down the length of the house.

IMG_20171110_145338Putting on the metal bases which Robin made up and which the posts will sit on.


IMG_20171113_114105The first flitch beam is brought down from the barn with the post connector already bolted on.

Now the post, cut to the right length is hammered home and holes drilled to bolt it on.

IMG_20171113_123540The post needs to be held upright so that the drilling can be done from both sides and the bolts put in. Rusty is keeping an eye on things!

IMG_20171113_123914The nuts nicely tightened.

IMG_20171113_124132Lets get the blooming thing up!

IMG_20171113_124422IMG_20171113_124447Up she goes, guided by Nino.

IMG_20171113_124507Bruno is on the wall plate checking it is in the right position.

IMG_20171113_124806_1We need to line it up just right!

IMG_20171113_125349We’re getting there.

IMG_20171113_125525We need to cut a slot on the bottom of the post and drill holes for the two bolts to secure them.

IMG_20171113_152024Bruno wondering what is taking us so long!

No Nino is not clapping his hands in the upper picture he is taking off a nut. Below he is tightening it on.

IMG_20171113_152735At last it is bolted on.

IMG_20171113_154557Now Bruno secures his end.

IMG_20171113_155922Nino goes up the ladder to take of the chain and strap.

IMG_20171113_161540And the first one is up.

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