Roof – the firewood store continued


In the last blog we showed in great detail the first post and flitch beam being put up and in place. Here follows the next two, the second one being the one end of the ridge beam.

IMG_20171114_123032The metal connector being bolted on before lifting the beam and post into place.

IMG_20171114_130038Nino lining it up and ensuring it is vertical etc.


IMG_20171114_125954It had to be right at Bruno’s end too i.e. parallel to the straw wall and the right distance from the edge for the rafters.

IMG_20171114_130046From the drivers perspective.

IMG_20171114_134901Now the slot needs to be cut and the two holes drilled for the bolts to secure it.

We hired a second aluminum scaffolding tower to continue with the roof. Here you can see it being erected to help us get the first beam and post in place for the ridge beam.


IMG_20171116_154919Here you can see the temporary construction we put together to ensure we were putting the post and beam in exactly the right place.

IMG_20171116_155305Another view of it. The string in the air is where the ridge beam will go. We then dropped a plum-line down to get the exact position of the post.

IMG_20171116_155003We had to put on a small ‘extension’ at the bottom to get it right.

IMG_20171116_155026Here is another view of the scaffold tower. The digger is in the background to help us lift the  heavy timbers and flitch beams up.

IMG_20171116_155537Here Terry and Doris are getting out the way before this piece of wood to support the ridge beam is lifted up to Bruno.

It’s there!IMG_20171116_160245Bruno prepares to secure it with ‘L’ brackets – but first the glue.

IMG_20171117_142731The metal cap is taken down and secured to the flitch beam.

IMG_20171117_113341Nino and Stephen make sure Bruno drills straight!

IMG_20171117_152134The post gets fixed on at the other end.

IMG_20171117_153113Time to get the hard hats on!

IMG_20171117_154739IMG_20171117_154649IMG_20171117_155339IMG_20171117_155343And then she is hoisted up and one end put in place by Nino.


IMG_20171117_160202The holes are drilled

and the slot cut.

More holes drilled, bolts and nuts on and tightened.


IMG_20171117_155008It needed to be perfect even for Swiss eyes – and it is!


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