The roof – keeping the rain out in the short term

We started putting the rafters up in December and we had to cover them, and the straw bales below, quite quickly to prevent them getting wet.  It would have been too difficult and long a process to put the straw bales in the roof supported by battens and then cover them with a clay render and then still put on the permanent tin roof. We therefore bought some plastic which one uses for covering polytunnels and covered sections as we put up the rafters. This has worked well enough except there is some leaking where the lengths of plastic are overlapped as a join. We also had to work quite late into the evening sometimes if rain was on the way. I do not have many photos of this process but you can see the finished result. The bulk of it was in place by Christmas eve, which was a massive relief as we have had lots and lots of rain and strong winds in the weeks since.


The 2”x2” battens go up first.


2017-12-21 18.31.07

The smaller 1.5” x 1” battens being screwed on and holding the clear plastic in place. I had to get Robins help a couple of times after work normal work!2018-01-13 12.50.322018-01-13 12.49.31

The beauty of the clear plastic is that it is light underneath!

2018-01-13 12.54.452018-01-13 12.55.112018-01-13 12.54.21The old apple tree looking a bit happier having had a good prune with the help of Bruno before he left for warmer climates.

2018-01-13 12.49.512018-01-13 12.49.09The rafters are still all uneven lengths and will be properly cut parallel to the house with a smaller overhang.

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