The wooden stud work for the internal walls are up!

Having Sylvain, Jonathan and Corelien here from France, over the last four weeks, has really allowed us to push on with the work. As you will see in the pictures below we have now got all the stud work in place for the different walls. Stephen has been busy putting the blue battens onto the studwork to hold the straw/clay slip in place when it is put in later. (Please see the previous blog for the explanation of how that all works.)


IMG_0793This wall with the door in it is one side of the bathroom. the 2” x 6” studs are very close together because the floor they are supporting will have a 1500 litre ‘buffer’ or ‘accumulator’ tank sitting on it; i.e. 1.5 tons. that is also why there are such big beams over the doorway.

IMG_0800The bathroom will be very high with a V-lux window in the roof.

IMG_0802The last wall for the bathroom being started.

IMG_0804and in place!


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