The roof – hoisting up the posts for the Ridge beam

In the case of the three wooden posts for the woodstore we were able to attach them to the flitch beams on the ground and then lift them into place with the JCB or the digger. The posts in the center of the house though are not accessible to the machinery we have, so we lifted them into place by hand with the use of a rope and pulley attached to the hired aluminum scaffolding towers. This works very well, although putting up the longest flitch beam onto the posts above our heads was quite tricky!

IMG_5166 - CopyMany hands make light work – some of the farm team helped carry a post down after lunch.

IMG_20171121_143449Scaffolding moved into place and the pulley is being hung up.

IMG_20171121_145641The base being prepared for the foot of the post. There are railway sleepers under the wood you can see and below them, where the posts stand, concrete block pillars.

The wood is cut at the right sloping angle, two edges are chamfered so the weld on the plate doesn’t stop it fitting  snugly. It is then drilled and bolted on.

IMG_20171121_160046The post is then pulled up with the pulley into position.

IMG_20171123_114711The next short bit of the ridge beam is pulled up. Being short it is only wood i.e. not a flitch beam with steel in it.

IMG_20171123_115443Put in place and bolted on. The beam has an angled triangle of wood glued and screwed onto it’s length so that the rafters will sit nicely on it and not only on the corner.

IMG_20171123_123751That’s the next wee bit done!

The next post is pulled up. We have fixed on some extra wood as this is where there is a change of angle/direction of the ridge beam.

The third beam is brought in and lifted up.

The last post is pulled up and secured.

IMG_5216It doesn’t look heavy but the 10mm steel plate inside ensures it is! Bruno, Nino, Tom and Peter

IMG_5218The rope goes on to lift it up.

Up and on she goes.



The post cap connector is also heavy so the pulley is really handy.

IMG_5233The next ‘just’ wood beam goes on.

IMG_5237Tom drills holes to bolt on the last cap, which goes above the straw-bale wall. Is it straight?

IMG_5236Terry is helping secure the posts to the floor and the railway sleepers below.

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